School children, students walking into a school building.
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Keeping Diet Culture Out of the Classroom

Diet culture is returning with a vengeance. Or maybe it never went away. A team of researchers say making classrooms “weight-neutral” zones could dramatically improve the physical and mental health of kids and teens.
The Summit 2nd Floor Common Area
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At The Summit, Kids Get Mental Health Treatment and Make a Difference

For the first time, Calgary has a designated centre for young people dealing with mental health issues that is removed from the often-traumatic experience that can come with traditional hospitals and emergency rooms. What’s more, the concept was designed by youths themselves.
Cartoon drawing of microbiome inside human digestive system.
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The Microbiome Era

A fascination with gut health has hit the mainstream with microbiome-friendly everything, from skin care to snacks. Scientists, however, have long explored the community of bacteria that lives inside our bodies. Their research over the past two decades has driven change in how diseases are treated and prevented.
Man wearing virtual reality goggles and woman using tablet, old fashioned computer in background.
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What if Instead of Living with Computers, We Lived in a Computer?

It’s a world where physical spaces and objects interact with technology. The computer is not a phone in your pocket or a screen on your desk. It’s all around you. That world is inevitable and researchers at UCalgary’s Programmable Reality Lab are helping to create it.
Special needs couple lying and using mobile phone
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The Sex Talk for Everyone

For far too long, people with developmental and intellectual disabilities have been excluded from conversations about love, romance and pleasure. A new initiative crushes an unsexy taboo.
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Who’s Afraid of Cancer?

Stress, anxiety and depression can leave cancer patients and their loved ones feeling helpless and hopeless. An increasingly valued and urgent discipline, psychosocial oncology is transforming the way people live with cancer