What’s Your Jam? Comic Books with Jamie Michaels

Academia collides with the colorful universe of comic books to help us understand the world a little better.

Videography by Haley Martin

Jamie Michaels has loved comic books for as long as he can remember. That passion has followed him into adulthood as the founder of Dirty Water Comics, a boutique publishing house that specializes in curating stories to challenge and reimagine the way people view history.

Michaels is also a PhD candidate at the University of Calgary’s Department of English. For that work, he takes a non-traditional academic approach to present the origins of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in graphic novel form. His work highlights both Jewish and Arab perspectives. It engages the community and turns complex political and human rights issues into relatable narratives that can reach a wider audience. 

Featured works:

Canoe Boys – Written by Jamie Michaels and illustrated by Evin Collis
Christie Pits – Written by Jamie Michaels and illustrated by Doug Fedrau
The Harrowing Tales of La Corriveau – Written and illustrated by Frances Reilly
A Brief History of White Supremacy – Written by Jamie Michaels and illustrated by Keegan Steele

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