Providing a Good Quality of Life is the Least We Can Do

Maria Camila Ceballos knew she wanted to care for animals. She just didn’t know it would be in Canada and in the field of animal science.

Videography by Haley Martin

Dr. Maria Camila Ceballos, PhD, loves animals. You’ll often find her getting lost in the eyes of a cow while studying its behaviour, or playing music for pigs to find the tune that enriches its life the most. It’s a love that has taken her around the world, from her home country of Colombia to the University of Calgary, where she is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Ceballos studies the interactions between humans and animals to develop ways to improve quality of life. Learn more about how her childhood dream of being a veterinarian pivoted into becoming a leading animal welfare scientist with collaborations across continents.

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