From Nursing to Volunteering and Back Again

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed an oncology nurse into becoming a major community builder, breaking down barriers to create wider access to food, resources, and health services for vulnerable Calgarians.

Videography by Haley Martin

Gabriella Wong Ken, BN’19, graduated motivated and excited to begin her career as a nurse. Little did she, or any of us, know a global pandemic was looming. Although proud of the part she was playing to support her city, the long shifts, the physical and emotional demands of the job, and isolation from her loved ones was beginning to impact her deeply. Desperately seeking change and connection, but still wanting to give back to her community, Wong Ken turned to volunteering. Today, she is a major community-builder advocating for community health and breaking down barriers for vulnerable people to seek access to basic needs.


Want to learn more about how you can make change in your community? Explore the programs Gabriella Wong Ken is involved with:

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